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Permission is granted to anyone to publish this message about the Two Millionaires groups on unchanged, in it’s entirety. It is a response to an inquiry from Kevin at
The question is: “Do you care to respond to the allegations (in the Prosper Forums) that your technique (community payments) is a ponzi scheme and can’t succeed monetarily as a long term strategy? As a mega group it will be very difficult to maintain your 5 star rating indefinitely in the onslaught of HR defaults.”
Response from a Two Millionaires Group Leader:
There is a very small gang of people who dominate the Prosper forums with their own dated lender-oriented point of view by posting thousands of messages, many of them or the signature lines promoting their own and their friend’s self-proclaimed “good” groups.
For several months they have tried to damage my, my wife’s, and our groups’ reputation, resorting even to falsely labeling me mentally deranged and a fraud and criminal. I have taken certain steps to defend myself against libel, but your question refers to another of their attempts in the effectively unmoderated forums to accuse me (and in this case Prosper Corporate) of a criminal offense.
Here is the Wiki definition of a Ponzi scheme:
“A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying abnormally high returns (“profits”) to investors out of the money paid in by subsequent investors, rather than from net revenues generated by any real business.”

Community Payments, a program instituted by Prosper Corporate and available for anyone to use, does not in any manner fit the definition of a Ponzi scheme.

The reference on the forums is just another unsuccessful attempt, in my opinion, to try to drive people away from the Two Millionaires groups, and I suppose towards the “good” groups as defined and promoted by the little forum gang and their devotees. Followers apparently believe what the leaders say about Two Millionaires, and hop on to what they perceive to be a popular bandwagon, to attack the Two Millionaires group leaders and harm or poach the members of their groups.

The vicious month’s long attacks have resulted in some lenders shunning the Two Millionaires groups and thus being deprived of many investment choices. The Two Millionaires groups consistently run more than 200 listings, many of them from high credit grade borrowers. Many of those listings are quickly filled by the thousands of lenders who have not been influenced to their harm by the forum gang.

So, a Ponzi scheme? Definitely not! Prosper would be shut down if it created fraudulent programs and encouraged criminal offences.

But in the long run, community payments if made only by the group leader are unsustainable in a megagroup that services HR and E borrowers. Unless the star system is changed (as it likely will be this summer) the stars will eventually fall for the Two Millionaires mega group of almost 8,000 people, and they will be buried uselessly beneath groups that have maybe 10 members, zero listings, five or fewer loans, and no sign of an active group leader who is capable of or willing to respond to hundreds of messages each day, and effectively serve thousands of people in the Prosper community.

However, the other Two Millionaires group, also five stars, is now third from the top!

So decide for yourself how this is likely to play out, in spite of the forum gang’s relentless rants…

More information is available at http://www.2mils.orgTwo Millionaires Website
Two Millionaires on March 26, 2007

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Carnival of Investing Super Bowl Edition… I submitted my highly popular (on reddit anyway) Use Prosper and get a 312% Increase over a CD Ladder for Your Emergency Fund.

For those of you that are new to my site, please look around. I spend quite a bit of time thinking, analysing, and writing about Prosper using my own experience as a foil.

Thanks to Money Smart Life for hosting.

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Prosper released the November marketplace survey and coresponding comentary from Chris Larsen…普羅斯珀11月公佈的市場調查和coresponding comentary從長拉森…

I particularly like the insight in the last paragraph…我特別喜歡的洞察力最後一段…

Here is the entire press release from Prosper…這裡是整個新聞稿普羅斯珀…

People-to-People Lending: Strong Demand for Prime & Near Prime Loans人民貸款:需求強勁總理與近總理貸款

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prosper.com舊金山(公司) ( ), America ’ s largest people-to-people lending marketplace, today released its October People-to-People Lending Market Survey. ) ,美國最大的人民貸款市場,今天公佈其10月份的人民貸款市場調查。In this month’s market commentary, Prosper Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Chris Larsen, discusses the impact the dynamics of the broader credit markets and Fed rate cuts are having on the Prosper marketplace.Prosper ’ s People-to-People Lending Market Survey is released on the second Tuesday of every month.在本月的市場評論,普羅斯珀首席執行官和創始人之一,克里斯拉森,討論了影響的動態更廣泛的信貸市場和美聯儲降息有關於普羅斯珀marketplace.Prosper 的人民貸款市場調查公佈的第二個星期二每個月。To register to automatically receive the survey, send an email with “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject line to:登記自動接收調查結果顯示,發送電子郵件與“訂閱”的主題為: . 。

October 2007 Prosper People-to-People Lending Market Survey2007年10月普羅斯珀人民貸款市場調查

Membership and Loan Volume Statistics成員和貸款量統計






New Members新會員國35,275 3527520,552 20552334,824 334824100,232 100232472,591 472591Funded Loans貸款資助

$6.4 million 640萬美元

$3.8 million 380萬美元$68.4 million六千八百四十點○○萬美元$20.5 million 2050萬美元$96.9 million九千六百九十點零零萬美元Average Loan Size平均貸款規模$6,871六千八百七十一美元$5,107五千一百零七美元$6,975六九七五美元$4,808四千八百零八美元$6,141六千一百四十一美元Daily Average Number of Borrower Listings每日平均人數借款人名單2,516 25161,737 17372,245 2245 877 1,454 1454

Estimated Annual Return on Prosper Select Index估計每年的回報繁榮,選擇指數

October 20072007年10月Prosper Select Index普羅斯珀選擇指數9.28%9.28 %Prime Select Index總理選擇指數9.09% 9.09 %Near Prime Select Index近總理選擇指數9.35% 9.35 %Sub Prime Select Index小組總理選擇指數10.45% 10.45 %

Average Borrower Rates on Prosper Select Loans平均借款利率貸款繁榮的選擇







Prime Select Loans總理選擇貸款9.50% 9.50 %9.98% 9.98 %10.93% 10.93 %9.97% 9.97 %10.68% 10.68 %10.09% 10.09 %Near Prime Select Loans近總理選擇貸款16.79% 16.79 %15.83% 15.83 %16.45% 16.45 %16.02% 16.02 %16.21% 16.21 %16.12% 16.12 %Sub Prime Select Loans小組總理選擇貸款19.63% 19.63 %24.86% 24.86 %24.44% 24.44 %23.22% 23.22 %25.01% 25.01 %23.79% 23.79 %

Mix of Funded Borrowers組合貸款資助






Prime總理37% % 3722% 22 %30% 30 %25% 25 %29% 29 %Near Prime近總理56% % 5650% 50 %57% 57 %50% 50 %55% 55 %Sub Prime小組總理7% 7 %28% 28 %13% 13 %25% 25 %16% 16 %


Top Lender States頂端貸款國

1) California 1 )美國加州2) Texas 2 )得克薩斯3) New York 3 )紐約4) Florida 4 )佛羅里達州5) Illinois 5 )伊利諾伊州

Market Commentary by Chris Larsen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Prosper市場評論由克里斯拉森共同創始人和首席執行幹事普羅斯珀

In last week’s Wall Street Journal article “Interest Rates Defy Rate Cuts,” James Bianco, president of Bianco Research LLC, a market-research firm in Chicago said, “Even though the Fed has eased three-quarters of a percentage point since September, the market has only gotten between 0.25% and 0.50% of that easing.在上週華爾街日報的文章“利率藐視降息, ”詹姆斯比安科,總裁比安科研究有限責任公司,市場調研公司在芝加哥表示, “儘管美聯儲已經緩解的四分之三個百分點,自9月,市場之間只得到0.25 %和0.50 %的緩和。If you look at it from a saver’s and borrower’s side, it shows you that the market is still not functioning properly.”如果你看看它從一個程序和借款人的方面,這表明你,市場仍不能正常運行。 “

Although borrower rates and lender rates of return on Prosper are not formally tied to moves by the Fed, the dynamics of the broader credit markets, which have led to a string of rate cuts, clearly seem to be having an impact on the Prosper marketplace.雖然借款利率和貸款的回報率就沒有普羅斯珀正式掛鉤舉措美聯儲的動態更廣泛的信貸市場,導致一連串的降息,顯然看來是有一個影響市場的繁榮。For example, in October average borrower rates for all Prosper prime loans and Prosper Prime Select loans were 12.27% and 9.50%, respectively; down 0.39% and 0.65%, respectively, since the Fed rate cuts.例如,在10月的平均借款利率為所有普羅斯珀總理貸款和繁榮總理選擇貸款12.27 %和9.50 % ,分別下跌0.39 %和0.65 % ,分別,因為美聯儲降息。

Also consistent with broader market conditions is the seizing up of Prosper lenders’ appetite for subprime borrowers.又符合更廣泛的市場條件是抓住了普羅斯珀放款人的胃口優抵押貸款借款者。While Prosper continues to remain on a rapid growth trajectory as indicated by year-to-date funded loan volume, which is up $48 million or 233% compared to year-to-date loan volume at this time last year, the percentage of loans going to subprime borrowers continues to decline.雖然普羅斯珀繼續保持快速增長的軌跡表明了今年迄今為止的貸款資金量,這是4800萬美元,或233 %相比,今年迄今為止的貸款量在去年的這個時候,這個百分比的貸款對次優貸款繼續下降。In October a mere 7% of loans funded on Prosper went to subprime borrowers. 10月,僅7 %的貸款資金普羅斯珀前往優抵押貸款借款者。This is in stark contrast to last October when 28% of funded loans went to subprime borrowers.這是鮮明的對比去年10月時, 28 %的貸款資金到優抵押貸款借款者。The rapid decline in subprime loans is indicative of a veritable subprime credit crunch in the Prosper marketplace.迅速下降,次級抵押貸款是表明了一個名副其實的優信貸緊縮的繁榮市場。

The good news is that lenders on Prosper are wisely being cautious given the widespread meltdown of subprime mortgage loans.好消息是,銀行對普羅斯珀是謹慎明智地考慮到普遍崩潰的抵押貸款。The bad news is that some subprime borrowers, such as young members of the American military who have not had an opportunity to build up a credit history or are caught in但壞消息是,一些優抵押貸款借款者,如年輕的成員,美國軍方誰也沒有機會建立一個信用歷史或正在陷入payday loan發薪日貸款circles, may not be receiving a worthy chance of funding.各界,不得接受一個有價值的機會提供資金。Perhaps demand for these types of subprime loans will increase as a result of raising the rate cap on Prosper from 29% to 36%.也許需要這些類型的次優貸款將增加,由於提高利率普羅斯珀上限從29 %至36 % 。

While Prosper lenders are shying away from subprime, there is ongoing strong demand for the ever increasing number of prime and near prime borrowers coming to Prosper to consolidate their credit card debt at lower rates and to fund or expand their small business endeavors.雖然普羅斯珀放款迴避優,有持續強勁的需求為越來越多的總理和總理借款近未來的繁榮,鞏固其信用卡債務在低利率和基金或擴大其小型企業的努力。For example, in October 37% of loans funded on Prosper went to prime borrowers, compared to 30% in September 2007 and 22% in October 2006.例如,在37 % , 10月的貸款資金普羅斯珀總理前往借款人,而30 %在2007年9月和22 % , 2006年10月。

Of great interest is the anecdotal evidence of prime and near prime borrowers turning to Prosper for loans that would have historically been steered toward mortgage, auto, and home equity lenders.非常令人感興趣的是傳聞證據的總理和總理借款附近轉向繁榮的貸款,將在歷史上一直指導對抵押貸款,汽車和房屋淨值貸款。It will be very interesting to watch whether the wake of the liquidity crisis in the broader credit markets results in a definitive trend toward Prosper becoming an alternative source for financing down-payments on homes and cars, funding home remodeling projects, and finding relief from high-interest adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s).這將是非常有趣的是觀看後的流動性危機在更廣泛的信貸市場的結果最終趨向繁榮成為一個替代來源資助下支付的住房和轎車,家庭重塑資金項目,並尋求救濟從高利息浮動利率( ARM的) 。Equally of interest is whether Prosper lenders will desire to help their fellow Americans by funding these types of loans.同樣感興趣的是,是否將普羅斯珀貸款的願望,幫助他們的美國同胞資助這些類型的貸款。


2007 Year-to-Date: January 1, 2007 through October 31, 2007.2007年年初日期: 2007年1月1通過07年10月31日。

2006 Year-to-Date: January 1, 2006 through October 31, 2006.2006年年初日期: 2006年1月1通過2006年10月三十一日。

Since Inception: November 1, 2005 through October 31, 2007.自成立以來: 2000年1月 , 2005至07年10月31日。Prosper’s by invitation only “friends and family” launch began on November 1, 2005 and Prosper launched to the general public on February 13, 2006.繁榮的唯一受到邀請的“朋友和家人”發射開始於11月1日, 2005年和普羅斯珀發起向公眾在2月13日, 2006年。

Prosper Select Index: The Prosper Select Index return is the estimated average annual return on invested principal, based on actual delinquency performance to date.普羅斯珀選擇指數:該指數普羅斯珀選擇返回的估計平均每年投資回報率主要根據實際拖欠業績的日期。The Prosper Select Index includes AA – E credit grade loans for borrowers whose credit reports at the time of application indicated zero current delinquencies, three or fewer credit inquiries, and a debt-to-income ratio of 40 percent or less.普羅斯珀選擇的指數包括機管局-電子信用等級貸款的借款人的信用報告,其在申請時表明目前的違約率為零,三個或更少的信用調查,債務對收入比率百分之四十或更少。The annual return period reflects loans originated in the twelve month period ending one month prior to the observation date of October 31, 2007.每年的回報期反映貸款起源於十二個月內結束之前一個月的觀測日期10 31 , 2007 。Prime Select includes AA and A credit grade loans (credit scores of 720+).總理選擇包括機管局和信用等級貸款(信用分數是720 + ) 。Near Prime Select includes B, C, D credit grade loans (credit scores between 600 and 719).近總理選擇包括乙,丙,丁級信用貸款(信用分數600至719頁) 。Sub Prime Select includes E credit grade loans (credit scores between 560 and 599).小組總理選擇包括法國的貸款信用等級(信用分數之間的560和599 ) 。

Average Borrower Rates: Average Borrower Rates are the weighted average borrower rates on Prosper Select Index loans.平均借款利率:借款人平均房價的加權平均借款利率普羅斯珀選擇指數的貸款。Rates shown are interest rates, not annual percentage rates.房價顯示的利率,而不是年度百分比率。

Mix of Funded Borrowers : Prime includes AA and A credit grade loans (credit scores of 720+).混合資助借款人 :總理包括機管局和A級信用貸款(信用分數是720 + ) 。Near Prime includes B, C, D credit grade loans (credit scores between 600 and 719).近總理包括乙, C類, D級信用貸款(信用分數600至719頁) 。Sub Prime includes E and HR credit grade loans (credit scores below 600).小組總理包括E和人力資源信用等級貸款(信用分數低於600 ) 。

About Prosper關於普羅斯珀

Prosper (普羅斯珀( ), America’s largest people-to-people lending marketplace, was created to make consumer lending more financially and socially rewarding for everyone. ) ,美國最大的人民貸款市場的設立是為了使更多的消費者貸款財政和社會獎勵的每一個人。Prosper’s membership consists of over 480,000 people from across the country.繁榮的成員包括超過480000人來自全國各地的。Since launching in February 2006, over $98 million in loans have been funded in the marketplace.他表示,自2006年2月,超過9800萬美元的貸款資金已在市場上。

The way Prosper works is intuitive to people who have used eBay.普羅斯珀的方式非常直觀作品的人誰使用了易趣。Instead of listing and bidding on items, people list and bid on loans using Prosper’s online auction platform.相反的清單和招標的項目,人名單和收購貸款使用普羅斯珀的在線拍賣平台。People who want to borrow on Prosper create loan listings for up to $25,000 and set the maximum rate they are willing to pay a lender.人們誰想要借用的繁榮創造物品的貸款高達$ 25000 ,並設置最高稅率他們願意支付貸款。People who register as Prosper lenders set the minimum interest rate they are willing to earn and bid in increments of $50 to $25,000 on loan listings they select.人們誰登記為興銀行規定最低利息,他們願意掙錢,出價遞增50美元到$ 25000的貸款,他們選擇上市。In addition to criteria commonly used by institutional lenders, such as credit scores and histories, Prosper lenders can consider borrowers’ personal stories, endorsements from friends, and group affiliations.除了常用的標準機構貸款,如信用分數和歷史,普羅斯珀貸款的借款人可以考慮個人的故事,從朋友的認可,並組織有聯繫。Once the auction ends, Prosper takes the bids with the lowest rates and combines them into one simple loan to the borrower.一旦拍賣結束,普羅斯珀以出價最低的利率,將它們合併到一個簡單的貸款借款人。Prosper handles all on-going loan administration tasks including loan repayment and collections on behalf of the matched borrowers and lenders.普羅斯珀處理的所有正在進行的貸款管理任務,包括償還貸款和收藏的名義匹配借方和貸方。

Prosper was co-founded by Chris Larsen, co-founder of E-LOAN, and John Witchel, technology entrepreneur.繁榮是共同創立拉爾森的克里斯的創始人之一的E -貸款,和約翰Witchel ,技術的企業家。Backed by Accel Partners, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures, Fidelity Ventures, Meritech Capital, and Omidyar Network, Prosper has raised approximately $40 million.支持的Accel Partners ,基準資本,甘油風險投資公司,富達風險投資公司, Meritech資本,並奧米迪亞網絡,繁榮提出了大約4000萬美元。Prosper’s marketplace platform is patent pending.繁榮的市場平台是正在申請專利。


Prosper Marketplace, Inc. Tiffany Fox, 415-593-5416 Communications Director繁榮的市場,公司凡福克斯, 415-593-5416通訊主任 If you liked this article, vote for it on若你喜歡本文中,投贊成票的del.icio.usdel.icio.usandstumbleuponStumbleUpon公司.


Useful Info:實用信息:
If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to buy若你有個人喜好甜食,不要忘了買dental insurance牙醫保險. 。Seek尋找pet insurance寵物保險公司for your pets and life insurance for you family.為您的寵物和人壽保險為您的家庭。Banks offer car finance and refinance but get銀行提供汽車融資和再融資,但得到car insurance quotes汽車保險報價first.首先。Banks offer a range of銀行提供一系列credit card types信用卡類型. 。Special特別visa card Visa信用卡for businesses are also available.企業也可以。Not so far back, banks charged interest on cash advance but nowadays迄今沒有回來,銀行收取利息的現金預付款,但現在interest free credit cards免信用卡have entered the market.已進入市場。For any debts, the best loans are the對於任何債務,最好的貸款是consolidation loans鞏固貸款. 。
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Another Unexpected Site Outage At Prosper? | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

I just tried to login and got an error. Here is a screen shot. I will update the post if I get more info.

Another Prosper Server Error

I posted a thread on the Prosper Discussion forums, but I haven’t gotten a response.

The site was up and running this morning at 6:30am pst on 1/18/2007.

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Prosper Bid Sniping — The Only Way Large Lenders Don’t Move the Market | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Bid sniping is watching a loan until the last possible moment and stepping in a bidding. This can be done on both loans that are fully funded and loans that are not yet fully funded. This is the only optimal strategy for large lenders bidding on non auto funding loans.

For example, pensioner (among others) has on occasion fully funded an entire loan by himself. If the loan were a non auto funding and he made his bid on the first day of a 10 day auction, he would almost certainly be outbid on the loan by the time it closed. He would have moved to the market. (The same is not true for auto funding. If it were an auto funding he would have closed the auction with one bid.)

Now someone bidding $50-$200 can hardly move the market and thus bid snipping is not necessarily the optimal strategy strategy for a small time lender. For both small and big lenders the optimal strategy for auto funding loans is to bid as soon as you find them. The best ones aren’t around long.

Non auto funding loans are a different animal. For large lenders, the optimal tactical strategy is to sit and wait. Let the little guys bid and at the last second snap up the loan. From my viewpoint and just as attempt to keep my money in play I bid non auto funding loans withing 36 hours of completion. But there are arguments for bidding early or late (in fact is is a classic prisoner’s dilemma). But for large lenders, there is no choice. Moving the market kills their ROI. They can’t afford to do that.

How comfortable are large lenders with giving out your user name and password? It would be possible to build a bid snipping application using screen scraping and similar techniques. To to deploy the application you would need to provide a user name and password. Interested?

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Pertuity Direct in the New Year | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

In my inbox today….

Dear Friends of Pertuity Direct,

As we wrap up 2008, we thought it would be a good time to check in with you and share the great progress we have made as a company.

If you have been keeping tabs on the space, you know that the social lending industry has been pretty interesting over the last two to three months. The guidance that regulators have given with regard to the segment, combined with the fact that consumer loans are still hard to come by, fits perfectly with what we are bringing to market. There is a real need for alternative sources of capital for consumers, as well as new and better investing options. Social lending is a great answer to the problem – and Pertuity Direct is poised to bring it to the mass market.

We are in final preparations to launch immediately after the New Year. All of the pieces are finally in place and we are revving up for Day 1.

We’re excited about 2009 and are looking forward to reaching out to you very shortly as we open for business. Until then, we wish you all much joy and happiness with friends and family this holiday season.

Happy New Year!

The Pertuity Direct Team