UnderAppreciated Listings RSS Feed Update — Greater than $3MM in Fundable by Rate, Amount, and DTI Listings Expired | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

I started my RSS feeds on March 18th… I thought I would check in on my favorite (Underappreciated Listings)…

There have been 827 listings profiled, requesting to borrower $9,057,314 or $10,952.01 per loan on average.

Here is the listing status break down…

StatusTotal AmountNumberPer LoanCancelled$455,27431$14,686.26Pending Verification$380,65031$12,279.03Expired$3,143,552287$10,953.14Completed$2,088,601210$9,945.72Active$807,50683$9,728.99Withdrawn$2,181,731185$11,793.14

And here is the Current Loan Status for Completed Listings…

StatusTotal AmountNumberPer LoanPayoff in progress$25,0001$25,000Current$2,063,601209$9,873.69

I think this shows a couple of things… One, Prosper is performing some verification (cancelled listings). Two, underappreciated listings are performing admirably thus far. Three, Lenders are leaving a bunch of very fundable loans on the table every day… (at least $50K per day from this RSS feed.)

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Late Loan #2, in the Process of Paying | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

The loan discussed in previous posts is in the process of paying: One Loan Late. Not supposed to happen to AA. What does that mean? and Oh No! Another Late Loan… Review of Late Loan #2

Their loan shows a payment as of the 2nd attempt. So my prediction that the loan would be caught up by was correct. The consequences to my borrower are a relatively minor $5 failed payment fee (which Prosper.com keeps as they incurred the penalties associated with the failed payment.)

Knowing the consequences of non-payment I find it difficult to believe that any high grade credit would let their loan lapse far enough for consequences. Yet, I am sure it will happen. Maybe, just maybe, my standing orders are better at finding a higher quality of borrower… However, each loan is a 3 year journey till payoff and I expect the peak for defaults comes in year 2.

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How Much Money has Prosper Made on My Lending Activities? | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

#1Enough Wealthon 01.29.07 at 8:44 pm

I think that I read somewhere recently that they’ve lent a total of around $20m so far (last 8 months). Any idea if this is the correct figure (I may have misread it)?

Compared to banks etc. this is a trivial sum. I just wonder how much revenue they’re getting and how fast they are burning thru their start up capital. The amount of profit they’d make from a $20m loan book wouldn’t even pay for 1 staff.

I know you previously answered my question about whether your loans are actually to prosper.com or to the lenders, and you answered that you had individual doco for each loan. But I wonder if you’d have any legal recourse to the “borrower” if prosper.com went out of business? As prosper.com reserves the right to chase up bad debtors and, ultimately, sell off bad debt accounts, I can’t see that all the individual lenders could directly chase up their individual loan amounts in the worst case scenario. For example, if someone has borrowed $5K with each lender putting $50 into that loan, you’d have 100 lenders each trying to contact the one borrower if prosper.com was out of the picture!

Your thoughts?

#2Kevinon 01.30.07 at 10:52 am

Using the publicly available data and this sql: select sum(amountborrowed) from loan

I get that they have lent $31,201,301 all time.

#3Kevinon 01.30.07 at 10:55 am

If they go out of businesses I think I can go after my $50 from each of my borrowers. However, I agree this is somewhat impractical. It is an interesting point. I will ask around at the conference and see if someone has an answer.

#4Lazy Man and Moneyon 01.30.07 at 11:59 am

You can go after the borrowers. You can view the promissory note for each loan.

That said, Prosper is well-funded (from my research a long time ago) and their business costs next to nothing to run. As a market maker, keeping the servers running is the most important thing and that can probably be done by a few people. I would imagine that most of their costs go into marketting, maybe R&D, but they can easily trim those down if they ever got close to going out of business.

I don’t think they make any money on the float. I read that the bank that helps them gets that money in exchange for cheaper funding or something like that. I don’t remember the exact details.

#5Darinon 08.04.09 at 9:03 am

I thought a big chunk of their income was from the loan origination fee, which is a minimum of $75 I think.

Ставки Что Проспер API кодекса Пример QuickSnipe.java | фильм в P2P кредитования, одноранговой кредитования, между людьми Кредитование

For my ProsperDays presentation this year I will demonstrating bidding with the Prosper API… I have built a quick and dirty bid snipping java program. (This program is not ready for primetime as bid sniping tool, but it is very close and a very effective demo. The reason I say it is not ready is that it lacks memory, meaning that it would bid on the same listing on subsequent passes.) Для моей ProsperDays презентации в этом году я буду демонстрируя торгов с Проспер API … я построил быструю и грязную snipping ставку Java программы. (Эта программа не готова к PrimeTime как ставка снайперов инструмент, но он очень близок, и очень эффективным демо – . Причина, по которой я говорю это не готов, что ему не хватает памяти, а это означает, что она будет ставка по тому же реклама на последующих проходах.)

I think API bidding is the 1st step in a brave new world of Prosper Lending. For one, it easily allows custom models. Я думаю, API торгов является 1-й шаг в прекрасном новом мире Проспер кредитования. Во-первых, она позволяет легко пользовательских моделей.

So what does this 126 line program do? Так что это 126 строка программой делать?

It queries the active AA-C credit grade listings… If a listing passes my extended credit filters (hard coded) AND the minimum Prosper calculated ROI values (generated by Prosper and the floor is passed in as a parameter) AND the minimum time remaining in the auction it will place a validation test bid or a real bid. Он запросы Активные AA-C кредитного класса списки … Если реклама передает мое кредиты фильтры (в печатном коде), а минимальная Проспер рассчитанные значения рентабельности инвестиций (порожденных процветать и слово передается в качестве параметра) и минимального времени, оставшегося в Аукцион будет место валидации теста ставки или реальные ставки.

What are the extended credit requirements of this code? Какие кредиты требований настоящего Кодекса?Short answer… very tight. Короткий ответ … очень напряженным.

  • 0 current DQ 0 нынешней DQ
  • 0-1 inquires in the last 6 months 0-1 опросы в последние 6 месяцев
  • 0 public records in last 10 years 0 государственных архивов в последние 10 лет
  • 0 DQ in last 7 years 0 DQ в последние 7 лет
  • Bankcard utilization between 3% and 80% Банковская использования от 3% до 80%

Here is the java code (I have contributed this code to the Здесь Java-код (я способствовал этому кодSourceForge Prosper API project SourceForge процветать API проекта). It requires the API classes generated by the Java2WSDL and open source tool by Apache foundation. ). Она требует API классов, порожденных Java2WSDL с открытым исходным инструментом в Apache Foundation.

package prosper.api; Пакет prosper.api;import java.math.BigDecimal; Импорт java.math.BigDecimal;import java.math.MathContext; Импорт java.math.MathContext;import java.rmi.RemoteException; Импорт java.rmi.RemoteException;import java.sql.Timestamp; Импорт java.sql.Timestamp;import java.util.Calendar; Импорт java.util.Calendar;import java.util.Iterator; Импорт java.util.Iterator;import java.util.TreeMap; Импорт java.util.TreeMap;import javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException; Импорт javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException;import com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.DefinitionResult; Импорт com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.DefinitionResult;import com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.Field; Импорт com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.Field;import com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.Listing; Импорт com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.Listing;import com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperAPILocator; Импорт com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperAPILocator;import com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperAPISoap; Импорт com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperAPISoap;import com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperObject; Импорт com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperObject;import com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperObjectResult; Импорт com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperObjectResult;public class QuickSnipe Public Class QuickSnipe{ (private String m_Username; Строка частных m_Username;private String m_Password; Строка частных m_Password;private double m_MinROI; частные двойных m_MinROI;private int m_HoursToGo; частные INT m_HoursToGo;private boolean m_PlaceBids; частные булевы m_PlaceBids;private ProsperAPISoap m_APISoap; частные ProsperAPISoap m_APISoap;public QuickSnipe(String username, String password, double minROI, int hoursToGo, boolean placeBids) throws ServiceException государственных QuickSnipe (строка имя пользователя, пароль, струны, двойные minROI, INT hoursToGo, булевы placeBids) броски ServiceException{ (m_Username = username; m_Username = Имя пользователя;m_Password = password; m_Password = пароль;m_MinROI = minROI; m_MinROI = minROI;m_PlaceBids = placeBids; m_PlaceBids = placeBids;m_HoursToGo = hoursToGo; m_HoursToGo = hoursToGo;m_APISoap = (new ProsperAPILocator()).getProsperAPISoap(); m_APISoap = (новые ProsperAPILocator ()). getProsperAPISoap ();} )/** / *** @param args * @ Param args*/ * /public static void main(String[] args) общественности статической вакуум основных (Строка [] args){ (if (args.length!=5) если (args.length! = 5){ (System.err.println(“Usage: QuickSnipe username password minROI hoursToGo PlaceBids”); System.err.println ( “Использование: QuickSnipe имя пользователя пароль minROI hoursToGo PlaceBids”);return; возвращение;} )try попробовать{ (QuickSnipe qs = new QuickSnipe(args[0], args[1], Double.parseDouble(args[2]), Integer.parseInt(args[3]), Boolean.parseBoolean(args[4])); QuickSnipe QS = новый QuickSnipe (args [0], args [1], Double.parseDouble (args [2]), Integer.parseInt (args [3]), Boolean.parseBoolean (args [4]));qs.snipe(); qs.snipe ();} )catch (Exception e) улова (Исключение E){ (e.printStackTrace(System.err); e.printStackTrace (System.err);} )} )private void snipe() throws Exception частные недействительным бекас () бросает исключение{ (DefinitionResult res = m_APISoap.login(m_Username,m_Password); DefinitionResult Res = m_APISoap.login (m_Username, m_Password);String token = res.getMessage(); Строка признака = res.getMessage ();ProsperObjectResult por = m_APISoap.query(token, “listing”, getFieldsString(“listing”,true), “status=2 and (creditgrade=7 or creditgrade=6 or creditgrade=5 or creditgrade=4)”); На ProsperObjectResult = m_APISoap.query (того, “реклама”, getFieldsString ( “реклама”, True), “статус = 2 и (creditgrade = 7 или creditgrade = 6 или creditgrade = 5 или creditgrade = 4)”);ProsperObject[] pos = por.getProsperObjects(); ProsperObject [] = Pos por.getProsperObjects ();TreeMap timeLeftListings = new TreeMap(); TreeMap timeLeftListings = новый TreeMap ();for (int i=0; i<pos.length; i++) для (INT I = 0; I <pos.length; I + +){ (Listing l = (Listing)pos[i]; Список L = (листинг) Pos [I];Calendar end = (Calendar)l.getStartDate().clone(); Календарь конца = (календарь) l.getStartDate (). Клон ();end.add(Calendar.HOUR, (l.getDuration()*24)); end.add (Calendar.HOUR, (l.getDuration () * 24));long millisToGo = end.getTimeInMillis() – System.currentTimeMillis(); долго millisToGo = end.getTimeInMillis () – System.currentTimeMillis ();if (l.getNowDelinquent()==0 //my required extended credit and ROI если (l.getNowDelinquent () == 0 / / Моя требуются кредиты и рентабельность инвестиций&& (millisToGo/1000/60/60)<=m_HoursToGo И И (millisToGo/1000/60/60) <= m_HoursToGo&& l.getInquiriesLast6Months()<2 И И l.getInquiriesLast6Months () <2&& l.getPublicRecordsLast10Years()==0 И И l.getPublicRecordsLast10Years () == 0&& l.getDelinquenciesLast7Years()==0 И И l.getDelinquenciesLast7Years () == 0&& l.getBankcardUtilization().doubleValue()<=.8 И И l.getBankcardUtilization (). DoubleValue ()=.03 И И l.getBankcardUtilization (). DoubleValue ()>=. 03&& ((l.getBidMaximumRate().doubleValue()+l.getROINetDefaultRate().doubleValue()+l.getROIInterestAndFeesRate().doubleValue()+l.getROIServicingFeeRate().doubleValue())>=m_MinROI) И И ((l.getBidMaximumRate (). DoubleValue () + l.getROINetDefaultRate (). DoubleValue () + l.getROIInterestAndFeesRate (). DoubleValue () + l.getROIServicingFeeRate (). DoubleValue ())>= m_MinROI) ) { (timeLeftListings.put(end, l); timeLeftListings.put (конец, L);} )} )boolean pause = false; Булевы пауза = ложным;for (Iterator i = timeLeftListings.values().iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) для (Iterator I = timeLeftListings.values (). итератор (); i.hasNext ();){ (if (pause) // you have to pause to avoid bid throttling если (пауза) / / у вас на паузу, чтобы избежать ставку дросселирования{try {Thread.sleep(6000);}catch (Exception ignore){}} ((попробуйте Thread.sleep (6000);) улова (Исключение игнорировать) ())Listing l = i.next(); Список L = i.next ();Timestamp startts = new Timestamp(l.getStartDate().getTimeInMillis()); Времени startts = новом времени (l.getStartDate (). GetTimeInMillis ());Calendar end = (Calendar)l.getStartDate().clone(); Календарь конца = (календарь) l.getStartDate (). Клон ();end.add(Calendar.HOUR, (l.getDuration()*24)); end.add (Calendar.HOUR, (l.getDuration () * 24));Timestamp endts = new Timestamp(end.getTimeInMillis()); Времени endts = новом времени (end.getTimeInMillis ());long hoursToGo = (end.getTimeInMillis() – System.currentTimeMillis())/1000/60/60; долго hoursToGo = (end.getTimeInMillis () – System.currentTimeMillis ()) / 1000/60/60;System.err.println(“\n”+startts+” + “+l.getDuration()+” days = “+endts+” | Hours To Go: “+hoursToGo); System.err.println ( “\ N” startts + + “+” + l.getDuration () + “дней =” + endts + “| Часы пойти:” + hoursToGo);System.err.println(“Bid on Listing: “+l.getListingNumber()+”\nAt Rate: “+(m_MinROI-l.getROINetDefaultRate().doubleValue()-l.getROIInterestAndFeesRate().doubleValue()-l.getROIServicingFeeRate().doubleValue())); System.err.println ( “Ставка на Объявлений:” + l.getListingNumber () + “\ физ Рейтинг:” + (m_MinROI-l.getROINetDefaultRate (). DoubleValue ()-l.getROIInterestAndFeesRate (). DoubleValue ()-L . getROIServicingFeeRate (). doubleValue ()));res = m_APISoap.bid(token, l.getListingNumber(), new BigDecimal(50,new MathContext(4)), new BigDecimal(m_MinROI-l.getROINetDefaultRate().doubleValue()-l.getROIInterestAndFeesRate().doubleValue()-l.getROIServicingFeeRate().doubleValue(),new MathContext(4)), m_PlaceBids); Res = m_APISoap.bid (того, l.getListingNumber (), новые BigDecimal (50, новых MathContext (4)), новый BigDecimal (m_MinROI-l.getROINetDefaultRate (). doubleValue ()-l.getROIInterestAndFeesRate (). doubleValue () -l.getROIServicingFeeRate (). doubleValue (), новые MathContext (4)), m_PlaceBids);pause = true; пауза = TRUE;System.err.println(“Bid Message: “+res.getMessage()); System.err.println ( “Ставка сообщение:” + res.getMessage ());} )m_APISoap.logout(token); m_APISoap.logout (признака);} )private String getFieldsString(String type, boolean authenticated) throws RemoteException Строка частных getFieldsString (строка типа булевых подлинности) броски RemoteException{ (DefinitionResult res = m_APISoap.describe(null, type); DefinitionResult Res = m_APISoap.describe (NULL, типа);Field[] fields = res.getDefinition().getFields(); Полевой [] = областях res.getDefinition (). GetFields ();int count = 0; INT кол = 0;String s=””; Строка S = “”;for (int i=0; i<fields.length; i++) для (INT I = 0; I <fields.length; I + +){ (if (authenticated || !fields[i].isAuthenticated()) если (подлинность | |! полей [I]. isAuthenticated ()){ (if (count!=0) если (кол! = 0){ (s+= ","; S + = "";} )s+= fields[i].getName(); S + = полей [I]. getName ();count++; кол + +;} )} )return s; возвращение с;} )} )If you liked this article, vote for it onЕсли вам понравилась эта статья, голосовать за него наdel.icio.usdel.icio.usandиstumbleuponstumbleupon..


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2007 July 24 |

Diversification is essential to success on Prosper. There are many kinds of diversification: multiple loans, geographic, loan use… While the most important kind of diversification is accomplished via as many as loans as possible (no more than 2% of your portfolio in a single loan), the type of diversification that often gets over looked is credit grade diversification.

On Prosper borrowers can have a ScoreXPlus score of 520-800. The higher end is safer, it also offers reduced rates. Conversely, the lower end of the spectrum is very risky and offers high rates. By mixing your credit grades you can achieve greater return with reduced risk.

At the moment I am only comfortable (I believe they are profitable) with the credit grades AA-D (no E, no HR).

One could either choose a straight line diversification (similar to mine only I am AA-C straight line with some D) or some kind of weighted diversification.

I think everyone understands straight line diversification… You put equal portions of your portfolio into each credit grade. This achieves an equal blend of both the risk and rate from each credit grade.

If you are more risk averse you might choose an unequal weighting towards the higher credit grades. One way to do this would be to use a Fibonacci sequence.

Fibonacci starts: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5. Applied to our example, the loan by credit grade proportions are 1D to 1C to 2B to 3A to 5AA. A portfolio weighted in such a manner would be less risky than the previous example and still provide higher rates.

What do you think? How else might you weight the portfolio?

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  • Fibonacci Golden RatioI have posted twice in the last week about ways one could use Fibonacci when lending on Prosper: Prosper Diversification using Fibonacci to diversify by credit grades and Start Investing P2P Lending using Fibonacci to guide how quickly you move you money onto Prosper. To be clear I am not suggesting……
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  • Loan Distribution and DiversificationLoan distribution and diversification throughout the higher credit grades is an excellent way to increase returns while limiting risk. Here is my current loan distribution from the just released June 07 statements: Here is another way to look at it from the lending account tab: How am I doing?……
  • Start Investing P2P LendingI have been investing in p2p lending on Prosper since July 06. I consider it an alternative asset class and orthgonal to the stock market. I am regularly asked if someone should invest in p2p lending… I think the answer is a loud and clear yes! But before you rush……

RateLadder Referral Listing Intro | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Welcome to a brand new feature!!!! RateLadder Referral Listing Review.

With the introduction of the referral program I have been source of a few registrations, some of which have turned into listings. RateLadder will be reviewing the best of these listings. Today being the first installment of this feature I thought I would review the listing with the best current chance of getting funded and talk about the other 2 listings and why they might come up short.

If you are interested in having your listing featured on RateLadder there are 2 ways to make this happen. You can chose to do both, but only one is necessary for receiving a listing review.

  1. Register with Prosper as a RateLadder Referee by clicking the link.
  2. Join my group RateLadder — Borrowers Climb Down the Interest Rate Ladder

I will start with the 2 listings that need to make some changes and end with an exciting listing at a great rate. As I was the referrer and not the group leader I had no control over the content of the listings.

I cannot write about the extended credit of these listings as that data is protected by the Prosper Terms of Service. If you are a lender then I encourage you to log in and look for yourself, but if you leave a comment please don’t talk specifically about the extended credit. If you are not a registered user of Prosper and would like to be a lender I have a referral that will get you a $25 bonus when you make your first loan (click the link).

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  • 2 New Loans (Part 1/2) — CCSJ Marketing Acquisition & Expansion — $20,000 at 15.65% — C Credit — DTI 14%A new loan funded this afternoon (CCSJ Marketing Acquisition & Expansion  (Loan #6383) — $20,000 at 15.65%). I participated via my standing order: Low DTI — AF. Which is this loan was funded as a low debt to income ratio and was an auto-funding loan. The borrow had C……
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Fynanz Review | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Fynanz a StudentThis year, it has never been more difficult to get a student loan, thanks to new federal regulations. Hundreds of lenders announced that they would no longer be taking part in federal loan programs and schools are struggling to try to offer loans directly to students. This opened up a huge marketplace in the p2p sector for student loans, and business is definitely booming.

Fynanz.com is probably one of the best known p2p student lending marketplaces in the business and they have built up an impressive track record. The process is actually quite interesting and so far, they have been very successful with placing student loans with those that need the help. In brief, a student will need to join the Fynanz.com community, and then set up what amounts to an online auction.


This auction details the student’s loan request, and further information about why they need the money. Once the auction starts, lenders in the community bid on the loans. In order to place an auction, Fynanz.com first has to verify the identity of borrowers and lenders, and will underwrite the loan request. After the auction is complete, the lender supplies the money, which is then disbursed by Fynanz.com to the student and the school of their choice.

The process goes quite quickly and it’s very easy to get everything set up. Fynanz.com uses something called FACS to assist them in underwriting loans. What this means is that students are ranked according to risk, and assigned rates. Academic scores count heavily on this, as well as the student’s background. For those under the age of 21, a cosigner may be required to complete the loan.

We found it interesting that Fynanz.com decided to calculate risk on an academic model rather than the traditional credit scoring model. Rankings range from 500 to 820, much like FICO scores, and if a student’s FACS ranking is below 640 they will not be able to arrange for a loan through the service. Apparently, the company has found that grades are a very good indication on whether or not the loan will be paid, and they have had a lot of luck using this scoring method.

At the end of the day, this is a very fair way to determine whether or not a student should have a loan. This removes any economic barriers between students and focuses on their actual academic performance. It will be interesting to see if this model expands beyond p2p lending and into traditional banking.

The higher the FACS score, the lower the interest rate, which is also quite fair. For students that rank in the top tier, the margin range is 2.5% to 3.7%. This changes to 7.2% to 7.9% for scores that are in the 640 range. If there was ever a reason for students to focus on their grades, this is a pretty good one.

Fynanz also provides either partial or full guarantees on the original loan amount. The guarantee percentage is dependent on the FACS Grade of a loan listing.

FACS GradeLoan Guarantee
(percentage of loan amount)Platinum Honors100%Platinum Plus90%Gold Honors80%Gold Plus70%Silver Honors60%Silver Plus50%

While in enrolled in school at least half-time, a borrower may choose between different repayment options:

  • Deferred Repayment Option or academic deferment – while in academic deferment the borrower is required to make monthly $25 Good Faith Payments. The Good Faith payments made while in academic deferment help the borrower establish a good relationship with lenders and demonstrate financial discipline. A six month grace period is given after separating from school.
  • Interest Paid Option – full monthly interest payments are due on the loan while enrolled in school. Choosing the Interest Paid Repayment option can save thousands of dollars in interest expense over the life of the loan, because the $25 monthly Good Faith payments will likely not be enough to cover the interest accrued on the loan.

In either option mentioned above, monthly principal and interest payments will be due once loan repayment begins. We realize that some students may not yet have found employment even after six months; therefore, borrowers may request to pay just the interest expense on the loan for the first two years of repayment, “Initial Interest Only” option.

We liked Fynanz.com’s methods and have placed 2 bids on listings as of this morning… One is a platinum plus and the other a gold honors…

Fynanz a StudentThey also have a very attractive lending bonus as well. $25 bonus once you successfully lend to a borrower (you must sign up with a referral link to receive the bonus and in doing so the referrer would also receive $25). A 3% bonus when you lend $3,000 (that is a minimum bonus of $90 on $3000 lent.) If you lend $3K and refer 5 people the bonus is retroactively increased to 5% in addition to the $25 per referral. This is a very attractive bonus offer and one that I encourage all RateLadder readers to consider.

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Can Prosper Pay Interest? | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

In a past post somewhere, John Witchel said, lenders cash was kept in separate accounts, known as FBO accounts, as this was safer,that if Prosper folded, the money could easily easily returned to us this way and that Fed Regs prevented paying interest on this type of account. Now at Prosper Days, he says “Maybe”, So I guess there’s trade offs. They are working on some type of workaround.
I don’t care so much since I only have a small amount of cash, I can see people who have a lot of cash, wanting it,but as John also pointed out,
we have instant transfers on over $500 now. So you can keep your money in an outside interest bearing account and transfer it over when you want it.

Prosper Data SQL Statements | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

This is a page of all sql statements I have found useful when looking into data. Don’t see one you would like, just ask.

If you found this helpful and you would like to donate to show your appreciation please feel free to do so. Thanks, RateLadder.com

Count of Loans Not Current:

SELECT Count(*) FROM loan WHERE status != ’Paid’ AND status != ’Current’ AND status != ’Payoff in progress’

Count of Loan Statuses:

SELECT status, count(status) FROM loan GROUP BY status

Count of Listings in a Period:

SELECT Count(DISTINCT [key]) FROM listing WHERE creationdate>=’1/1/2006′ AND creationdate<'2/1/2006'

Count of Unique Bidders in a Period:

SELECT Count(DISTINCT memberkey) FROM bid WHERE creationdate>=’1/1/2006′ AND creationdate<'2/1/2006'

Count of Loans Originated in a Period:

SELECT Count(DISTINCT [key]) FROM loan WHERE creationdate>=’1/1/2006′ AND creationdate<'2/1/2006'

Count of Loans Originated:

SELECT Count(DISTINCT [key]) FROM loan

Total Lent in a Period:

SELECT Sum(amountborrowed) FROM loan WHERE creationdate>=’1/1/2006′ AND creationdate<'2/1/2006'

If you found this helpful and you would like to donate to show your appreciation please feel free to do so. Thanks, RateLadder.com

貸出金利Ananlyzer戦術更新| P2P融資は、ピアツーピア貸出は、人々は貸出| P2P融資のニュース、情報、借り手への貸出の人々と戦略

With some of the loans that I analyze there aren’t enough matching loans to analyze the interest rates. I have been thinking of ways to increase the pool of loans without changing the match characteristics.と、私の分析は、債権の十分な分析にマッチする金利融資されていません。私は、試合の特性を変更せずに債権のプールを拡大する方法を考えている。

To that end from what I can tell DTI seems to be the least correlated credit statistic to defaults. So I will be changing my loan rate analysis to match loans from the last 100 days with the credit grade + or – $5,000 in amount and a DTI from 0% to the loan DTI plus 10%.私はどの部署がDTI伝えることができるからそのために設定を初期値に最も信用相関統計ているようだ。そこで、私は、信用等級で、最後の100日からの融資と一致するように私の貸出金利を変更される解析+または-5 000ドルの金額と部署がD TI 0 %の融資部署がDTIプラス10 %から。

For example, the last loan I reviewed was B Credit $9,000 with a 15% DTI. So my loan rate analyzer will now find loans from the last 100 days with B Credit, $4,000 to $14,000, and 0% to 25% DTI. For this loan 91 loans were found that matched prior to the change. After the change 92 loans were found. This might be a bad example as what I am really trying to do is generate a pool of at least 50 loans. (The Prosper ROI performance tool requires at least ~50 loans in order to produce results.)例えば、私はBのクレジットローンの見直し、最後の9000ドルに15 %の部署がDTIとなった。私の貸出金利は現在Bのクレジットアナライザは、最後の100日前から25 %の部署がDTI 4000ドル14000ドル、および0 %への融資を検索するのだ。そのために91貸付債権を変更するには一致する前に発見された。 92 、変更後の融資が発見された。それが、私がやろうとしている時は悪い例として、少なくとも50融資。 (投資収益率のProsperのパフォーマンスツールのプールが生成される可能性があります少なくとも〜 50の融資を必要とするために結果を出す。 )

This change should result is a slightly less weighted average as high DTI loans have a higher interest rate and this change now includes low DTI loans. I will be changing the online loan rate analyzer in the next couple of days. Theこの変更の結果必要があります高い部署がDTIの融資より高い金利を変更するとしているとして以下の加重平均はやや低い部署がDTIの融資が含まれています。 私日の次のカップルのオンライン貸出金利の変化になります分析計。Prosper Loan Rate Analyzer繁栄貸出金利アナライザhas been updated.更新されています。

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