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I just got an email from cancelling a listing on which I had been a winning bidder because some of the information is the listing could not be verified. (I read this as DTI or Income since the other info comes right off the credit report.)

I must say… As eager as I am to get my money into play and start collecting interest, every time I get this email from I count my lucky stars!!

Dear Prosper Lender,

You were a winning bidder on

Listing title: ********
Listing number: ******
Listing created: ************

However, while performing a pre-funding review, we were unable to verify certain information relating to the listing, and as a result we are unable to fund this listing. The listing has therefore been cancelled, and the funds in the amount of your bid have been returned to your Prosper account, available for further bidding.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

Prosper Compliance

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