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Since starting this blog I have reviewed several loans. Since then I have developed a basic crystal report to analyze a loan (DTI, Amount, Credit, and Lender Rate) in the context of all loans on

The report takes as import the credit grade and the debt to income ratio. It then filters the loans to that credit grade and within +/-5% of the DTI producing both a list of loans with amount borrowed, lender rate, debt to income, credit grade, origination date, averages, and a graph. Anybody have any better ideas for a crystal report analysis? Send me a comment.

I will spare you the details and just show the averages and graph for each of the previous loans I have reviewed…

The data used for this post is from a download from from the morning of 1/10/2007.

Debt Consolidation – Pay off cards to raise credit score: $24,000 @ 19.10% – C Credit — 37% DTI:

Number of LoansAverage Amount BorrowedAverage Lender Rate79$6,853.5218.46% Loan Analysis

Oh No! Another late loan… Review of late loan#2.: $16,000 @ 14.7% — AA credit – DTI 25%:Number of LoansAverage Amount BorrowedAverage Lender Rate64$8,445.7010.95%

Late Loan #2 -- Loan Review

Ok last one… for now

New Loan Funded #6141 — $2,950 in 47 loans – $23,000 @ 27% — C Credit — 16% DTI

Number of LoansAverage Amount BorrowedAverage Lender Rate359$5,872.2215.85% Loan Listing Review

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