3rd Standard Deviation Loans From Prosper | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

The data is a little old (2am last night.) But here are listings that at that time where in the 3rd standard deviation. The list of 2nd and 1st standard deviations were much longer, but probably more attainable…

Would you be interested in have this list emailed to you every morning? How about just the auto funding loans were the lender rate is a known quantity? Send me an email (kevin (at) rateladder [dot] com to find out more.

A Credit, $12,800 @ 21%, 23% DTI: http://www.proprosper.com/ProProsper/index.jsp?pp=data&listingID=107232

A Credit, $25,000 @ 20%, 26% DTI: http://www.proprosper.com/ProProsper/index.jsp?pp=data&listingID=107976

A Credit, $7,100 @ 23%, 22.5% DTI: http://www.proprosper.com/ProProsper/index.jsp?pp=data&listingID=108172

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