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by Jim Wang, guest blogger

There are many investment strategies out there for anyone hoping to invest for the security of the their financial future. Mutual funds and other types of investments are an excellent tool, if utilized intelligently and carefully, to build up your finances based on educated decisions. There are some methods and tips that have proven effective for novice investors.

First, you have to decide whether you want to invest mostly for short or long-term, because this will inform which direction you should be taking with your investment dollars. If you’re thinking short-term then you obviously want to look at stocks that don’t require the kind of patience as other investments. Penny stocks, for example, are a cheap and quick way to gain return on your investment. These stocks trade for under 5 dollars and carry with them a certain level of risk but, since the cost is so low, it’s an acceptable level of risk. With these speculative investments you’ll want to seek the advice of a professional or someone who works with these types of stocks on a consistent basis. Professionals, such as Timothy Sykes, have the experience and advice that will help you quickly turn your small investment into large returns.

If you’re looking for long-term prospects for overall security and return, then you need to decide what level of risk you can accept. If you’re not interested in risky investing then you should look at different Mutual Funds or IRA’s. An IRA is an annuity for retirement investing. Interest accrues on this investment over time, and depending on which type of IRA you choose, you’ll either be taxed on the principal or the return investment. Both of these are long-term investment strategies usually undertaken specifically for the retirement purposes.

There are other stock options and day trading that offer different rates of return and varying levels of risk. Before jumping headfirst into the market, you’ll first want to do extensive research on a potential investment. Don’t follow hearsay and buy into stocks that you’ve never heard of before. Also, seek the advice of professionals, even people who work in the stock market usually have representation. Don’t gamble with your future and invest on your own.

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