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TheCreditTruth.org offers up exactly what it advertises–the truth about credit, credit reporting and those “free” credit report offers found all over the Internet. The first thing you’ll notice about the well-designed site is the “Credit Report Bill of Rights” listed on the left. This “Bill of Rights” explains that you can get a free credit report from each bureau (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) once per year, or within 60 days of being turned down for credit.


The site also explains that you don’t need so-called free credit report offers that require a paid service or credit monitoring, because you have the right to your information free, straight from the source. The sight appeals to the eye and is easy to navigate, drawing you in with the quality of the information rather than flashy graphics or effects.

The impressive blog has been updated regularly for almost 3 years, so that site visitors get the latest information on credit scores and financial concerns. The website itself explains why you’re entitled to your credit reports, what the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) means to you, and what your credit score numbers mean.

An easy to read navigation bar at the top lets you find your way through the 10 major sections of the site where you’ll find detailed, easily accessible and accurate credit reporting information. Unlike fluff articles that really don’t say anything but instead try to sell you on a service, the articles at TheCreditTruth.org are packed with information.

The section about “free” credit reports gives you step-by-step information about how to get your free credit reports online from the source credit reporting agencies, a strategy about when to get them that will let you keep an eye on your credit (for free), what type of information the reports will include and how to examine the reports to find mistakes and potential problems, as well as signs of identity theft.

The article doesn’t stop there. It goes on to explain what to do if you find errors or signs of identity theft to take care of the problems. The advice isn’t general, like “contact the agency about the error,” but rather a detailed list of what to do in which order to get the errors fixed. It explains what kind of a letter to send to them about an error, how to send it properly and what information you need to include.

All of the articles and sections at TheCreditTruth.org are just as detailed and helpful. Handy charts and pie graphs help you understand how your credit score is determined and how the information is weighted to come up with a number. There’s an entire section on avoiding credit scams, and one on how to improve your credit score. There’s even a list of pros and cons of credit monitoring, and a comparison chart to help you choose the best service if you decide to watch your credit report carefully for problems.

TheCreditTruth.org really does offer the truth about your credit score and credit reporting by giving you enough information to make informed decisions about your financial health.

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SpendonLife.com is an easy to navigate website offering your credit report and credit score instantly online. Through the website, you can access your credit information from the 3 major credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. But more than just helping you get this information, the website helps with credit monitoring, and highly informative articles about what the reports mean and why the information should matter to you.

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SpendonLife is broken down into sections that are clearly marked in a navigation bar near the top. There are sections on debt, identity theft, credit reports, loans and a link to their blog where informative posts go up regularly with more information about current credit-related news and statistics. Occasionally, services are recommended in the blog that they think might be of interest to their website visitors.

Not only can you get your credit information, but you can find out just about everything you could possibly want to know about your credit report. Dozens of articles help visitors do everything from reading their credit report to preventing a child’s identity theft.

A website with this much information could be dense and hard to get through, but this one isn’t. The articles are balanced with helpful illustrations and images of things like example credit reports. In addition, the articles are reader-friendly. They don’t read like technical instruction manuals but rather as clear, friendly advice and tips on how to get your financial life in order.

You’ll find advice on important financial and credit matters including:

  • How to get your debt under control
  • How to keep medical bills from destroying your credit
  • What to do if you become a victim of identity theft
  • What to do to protect yourself from phishing, and what to do if you’re a victim
  • What to do if your credit cards are stolen
  • How to know which debts are better than others
  • How to establish a good credit history
  • How to know whether credit card charge-offs are a good debt-reducing option
  • How to know if you should deal with a credit repair specialist or agency
  • How to know if you’re overpaying on your mortgage
  • How to handle tax time

Those are just a few of the informative articles at SpendonLife.com, but there are dozens more as well as the blog posts which keep the information fresh and current.

You’ll be immediately aware that the website offers you a free credit report as well as other credit services, but there’s such a wealth of information on the site it’s far more valuable than just the free credit information it offers.

The credit monitoring service offered at the site allows you to keep tabs on your credit score so you’ll be alerted if anything changes that could signal errors or identity theft. And with all the up-to-date information on the website, you’ll know what to do if this happens. The website is a helpful credit resource that encourages you to get your finances in order so you can spend more on your life instead of on your debt.

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