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Welcome To Pertuity Direct

Welcome! Thanks for signing up to receive updates about the Pertuity Direct launch.

We have been hard at work for the last two years, building a social lending business that is targeted toward busy people that would like to enjoy the high investment returns and low loan rates of peer to peer lending, but don’t want to deal with figuring out all of the ins and outs of optimizing the process.

We make social lending hassle free:
For lenders, your investment dollars are deployed and start to earn returns immediately
You get the safety of automatic diversification
If you want to withdraw your money early – not a problem, just a few click to get your money back
Our borrowers are rewarded for working hard to maintain good credit by getting approved and funded quickly with great, low rates
Welcome to social lending without the bidding, gaming or guessing. We handle all the work for you. You get all the benefit.

We are just a few short weeks away from launch and are putting finishing touches on everything so that you will enjoy your experience at Pertuity Direct. So stay tuned, we will be coming to market in September and will keep you in the loop.

The Pertuity Direct Team

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