2008 June 04 |

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In May, Prosper originated more loan volume than in any previous month roughly 9.6M loans the vast majority were credit grades AA-C. This is great news for Prosper on 2 fronts: total volume and loan quality. Here is the breakdown…

May 2008 Prosper OrigiantionsCredit GradeLoansAmountAmt / Loan% totalAA223$2,003,970$8,98620.9%A225$1,924,277$8,55220.0%B270$2,084,555$7,72121.7%C388$1,979,505$5,10220.6%D295$1,202,235$4,07512.5%E82$185,909$2,2671.9%HR120$220,425$1,8372.3%Total1603$9,600,876$5,989

All in all it looks like a very positive step… Can Prosper keep the momentum… stay tuned for next month?


Select creditgrade, count([key]), sum(amountborrowed)
from loan
where originationdate>=’5/1/2008′ and originationdate<’6/1/2008′
group by creditgrade

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