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After a comment from a reader (Millionaire Mommy Next Door), I decided to try out Kiva.

Wow was that easy. Signed up. Found a loan. Added my $25 to the loan via paypal (plus a 10% donation to Kiva of $2.50). Start to finish 15 minutes.

I choose to loan to a Samoan. Being a tall large person I have always felt an affinity for Samoans. Like maybe I am a long lost relative or more likely a kindred spirit…

Here is my loan (once it fully funds the banner below will show another random listing in need) — here is a permanent link to my loan:

Here is my Kiva Lender page: RateLadder on Kiva

I would love to discuss Kiva in more detail on the P2P No Bank Forum, come join the discussion. Registration for the forum is free. Here is the link: register

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