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January 1st, 2007 | Goals, Prosper.com

Happy New Year. I hope your 2007 is prosperous and that all of your stretch goals come true.

ExpectationGoalStretch Goal2007 Year Ending Account Value$4,386.37$5,062.84$5,740.86Return on Investment (ROI)10%12%14%New Reinvestment Loans242730Number of Defaults20Per Month New Money Added$50$100$150New Money Source100% Savings75% Savings, 25% RateLadder.com50% Savings, 50% RateLadder.comGoogle PageRank135Average Unique Visitors Per Day1050100Blog Traffic ExchangeRelated PostsBlog Traffic ExchangeRelated WebsitesOnline StoresIf you liked this article, vote for it on del.icio.us and stumbleupon.



#1RateLadder.comon 02.01.07 at 8:56 am

[…] I have made through my first full month. To celebrate I will be reviewing my 2007 RateLadder.com Goals. […]

#2tke248 on 02.28.07 at 9:35 am

I like what your website is doing have you considered patner/investor?

#3RateLadder.comon 03.01.07 at 6:59 am

[…] Febuary 07 review of my 2007 RateLadder.com Goals. I have changed my ROI goal to an IRR goal. […]

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