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A couple of weeks ago I tried a new standing order: RL Overlooked.

The initial results are very much to my liking for example: debt relief for kids, Try this one more time, group leader, wantabe borrower , Wife wants to get back to work! Please help Re-list, and Financial Freedom / Credit Card Consolidation.

Therefore, I decided to create 2 standing orders (differentiating on loan amount) using the same search at 1 sigma higher than the mean for similar loans funded in the last 120 days (using ProProsper to determine that rate).

Also, I have also decided to turn these standing orders on at full capacity (use whatever cash I have in my account) for the month of May. While I am leaving my original 10 autofunding standing orders in place I expect the majority of my loans in May will come from the new standing orders as they find many more loans.

What do you think?

Stay tuned…

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