1 Month Late or Worse Curves by Credit Grade (July 1 Update) | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

This is an update to my original 1 month late or worse curves.

I belive we are starting to see the flattening of the curves.

I have pulled the public data on the performance tab by hand in order to produce a spreadsheet of loan performance.

This spreadsheet was then pivoted and aggregated in order to produce 1 month late curves by credit grade and Markov Chains which can be used (when 42 months of data is available) to solve for the expected value of Prosper Loans by credit grade.

I have limited the graphs to 11 months so that there is a minimum of 6 months of data.

1 Month Late or Worse by Count (click picture for larger image):
1 Month Late Curves Count

1 Month Late or Worse by Amount (click picture for larger image):
1 Month Late Curves Amount

Questions, Comments, Screams of Anguish?

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