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Yesterday I published a new installment of the Prosper Late Curves. Several readers have asked if I could pull the data for one slice or another. While it would be possible to pull any advanced search slice out of the Prosper performance page, it is rather time consuming to pull the data by hand. And these curves begin to have meaning at the 10 month mark, so slices with newly available data aren’t very interesting. Even so, I felt it was worth while to pull one slice in particular — 0 current delinquencies.

The 0 current DQ curves have less data (that credit feature wasn’t added until June 06) and therefore are a little jumpy. Over time these curves will smooth out just as the general population curves have smoothed out. Without further ado…

0 DQ By Count (click for a larger image)

0 DQ By Count 10/1/2007

0 DQ by Amount (click for a larger image)

0 DQ By Amount 10/1/2007

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